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In the second week of our cyBEr SECURE campaign, we explore the threats surrounding the loss of personal data.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of cybercrime is protecting your personal data. In the second week of cyber awareness month, we explore recovery of insured data and the value it adds to our daily life. 

Data on a hard drive can be one of the most valuable possessions in an office or home. The past couple of years has seen numerous commercial cybercrimes committed including the WannaCry ransomware attack on the NHS in 20171 and the BA customer data theft last month2. These large organisations have disaster recovery procedures and insurance in place for when the unexpected occurs but who protects us? What happens when our personal data is hacked?

UK General insurance offers recovery of insured data as part of our personal cyber protection insurance product. It offers reimbursement of the financial loss associated with recovering insured data that has been hacked. For example, a specialist service provider can attempt to resolve the impairment of a computer system forensically. Alternatively, they will try to recover the insured data that has been stolen by malware or from unauthorised electronic actions of a third party. A claim example of this kind may include receiving a virus or ransomware on a personal computer that prevents access to your data stored on its hard drive.

Loss of personal data can be consequential. If you’re interested in understanding more about what our cover can offer, get in touch today. Email call 0370 421 4503.

Please note the above is marketing material. 

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