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How can brokers capture their customer’s attention and develop a digital strategy to shape customer decisions?

With so many insurers branching out into online distribution, how can brokers gain a digital advantage and stand out from the competition? – Enter digital micro-moments.

Digital micro-moments are intent-rich instances that make people reach for the nearest device to act on a need to find something, learn something or buy something. 

Living in a mobile-orientated world has dramatically impacted how consumers think, search and buy online and as a result, brokers must respond accordingly to succeed. In our latest downloadable guide Matthew Schofield, Chief Commercial Officer, explores how micro-moments can shape customers decisions. In the first week of our series, we explore how to capture your customer’s attention by understanding their needs. 

Understanding your customer’s needs

Customers are making decisions faster than ever. Brokers are expected to intuitively understand what they need and deliver it instantly. Brokers need to understand how to catch their audience’s attention in those moments. Start by considering the different ways in which your target audience would communicate and purchase insurance. Having an in-depth understanding of your target audience can help market your products and services to them so they understand and find you relevant. 

Capturing attention 

Its said the average UK person check their phone up to 85 times per day giving brokers more opportunities than ever to capture their customers’ attention.
Social media is often used for the speed of information with users now scrolling through 300 feet of content per day. The question is how can you share content that will stop your customers’ scrolling?

Focus on content that is informative, relatable and concise. There will be multiple competitors vying for your readers so it’s important you share content with the reader in mind. Demonstrate why they should care about your products and why it would benefit them. Avoid sharing lengthy paragraph content that adds no value to your consumers feed.

If you are looking to build your schemes business through meaningful micro-moments, download the full guide below. Alternatively, contact us on 0370 421 4503 or email to speak to one of our experts.

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