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In the second week of our micro-moments series, we explore how brokers can remain relevant in a growing digital landscape.

In our second edition of micro-moments, Matthew Schofield, Chief Commercial Officer, suggests ways in which brokers can share content that is relevant and adds value for their target audience. He also looks at how brokers can optimise their content by sharing it at prime times to increase exposure and engagement. 

Keep it relevant

As well as being interesting, your content needs to be relevant to have the impact you want. Delivering the right content for the right digital moment is crucial. For example, when a consumer is searching for claims experience on review sites there is no point serving up content extolling the virtues of your product. Having the right messages to support the customer along their journey is the difference between proactive and reactive marketing and the success of your scheme.

Get your timing right 

It’s also worth remembering time really is of the essence. Posts need to be short but also delivered quickly. News and information should be posted at optimal times to ensure the greatest amount of exposure per social platform. While each platform may vary in exact optimal time, common sense dictates that early morning, noon and commuter time; 5pm onwards, would be the best time to post as it is reasonable to assume individuals will be scrolling through their feeds around these times in the day. Use free online scheduling software to ensure you never miss your moment. 

If you are looking to build your schemes business through meaningful micro-moments, download the full guide below. Alternatively, contact us on 0370 421 4503 or email to speak to one of our experts.

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