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As part of cyber awareness month, UK General has partnered with Cyber Aware to raise awareness around the risks of cybercrime

We’ve partnered with home office initiative Cyber Aware to research the information we Brits keep in our inboxes, which could be gold dust to cybercriminals, if not properly protected.

The research found that 79% of Brits keep emails in their inboxes that could be exploited by hackers for ID theft, fraud, or impersonation. It was also found that we keep 51% of e-receipts revealing our purchase history, 34% keep messages from loved ones, 35% store personal photos and 6% have love letters saved in their inbox. UK General and Cyber Aware are advising that this kind of information can be like ‘gold dust’ to hackers, who can use it to commit cybercrime including making phishing emails using your personal details or impersonating us or our loved ones.

Cyber Aware is warning the UK public that without using a strong password for our main email account, we risk giving cybercriminals a wealth of information that could be used against us. Therefore their #OneReset campaign is encouraging the nation to make #OneReset and take the simple step of having a strong and separate password for their email account to help protect their identity. Email accounts can be a gateway to a vast amount of information and hackers can also use email accounts to access other personal accounts including banking details.

To find out more read the full article here

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