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You may be due a refund. To find out if this is you please continue reading.

What’s the issue?

We believe that some customers who bought policies over the telephone from a small number of UK General’s Appointed Representatives* (ARs) may not have been sold the policy in a manner meeting our collective high expectations. As a result, it has been decided that the best course of action is to provide refunds to those potentially impacted customers.

Who is potentially impacted?

Those customers potentially impacted will have bought an insurance policy between 1st January 2015 and 31st May 2016 from one of our ARs.

Initial letters are being sent to potentially impacted customers who bought Warranty Insurance from UK Warranty/Buy it Direct. If you were one of these customers, then you should expect to receive a letter shortly. We will update this message for mailings to other groups of customers as and when they commence.

What are we doing to put things right?

We have worked hard to ensure the current sales practices of any party selling a UK General product meet our high standards.

We, alongside each AR, are writing to those customers identified as potentially impacted, to offer a full refund of any policy premium amounts paid by customers for their insurance policy together with an additional sum of interest on that amount.  It has not been possible to review each, and every telephone purchase made during the review period. We do feel however, that by writing to all of those customers that bought policies between those dates, we are ensuring good outcomes for any potentially impacted customers and treating all customers fairly.

What do customers need to do?

All potentially impacted customers have been identified and are being written to with clear instructions on how to get their refund. If you bought a UK Warranty/Buy it Direct Warranty Insurance policy during the period in question and have not received a letter by 31.10.18 then please contact the review administration team on 03445 571951 or send an email to

Customers that bought a UK Warranty/Buy it Direct Warranty Insurance policy outside of the specified period may also contact the administration team on the above number should they be concerned about the manner in which their policy was sold to them or have cause for concern.

Any press queries should be directed to Vicky Hodgson, Chief Operating Officer, UK General.

* Appointed representatives undertake regulated activities under the supervision of a FCA authorised firm who acts as their principal. The principal firm has regulatory responsibility for the appointed representative

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